• We have certifications
    FSSC 22000 recognized by the GFSI
  • The important thing is your confidence
    We take care of even the smallest detail of the process
  • Great quality standard
    Antifungal treatment of cheeses and meat products
  • Specialists in antifungal treatment
    Specialized in the meat and dairy sector

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Achieve quality and antifungal efficacy in your products worldwide thanks to our specialization in the dairy and meat sector


The certifications recently obtained by TDRA position us as one of the most important companies of the country in the alimentary coatings field. We have the Kosher Certification,...
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At TDRA we work to develop a specific product for each of our customers, in order to fully meet their needs and requirements. We prepare the coating according to the type of...
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TRDA is a Spanish company that works in the antifungal treatment of cheese and meat products, with a team of expert advisors specialized in the dairy and meat sector. Our products provide a high protection against migrations of internal mold, offering a high quality standard thanks to the raw material recognized worldwide.

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We have increased the number of workers in recent years helping the development of our city.
Our customers continue evolving and improving with every challenge that comes our way.
We have expanded our presence to the international market, reaching Eastern Europe.
We reinvest our profits in the development of new products that provide greater value to your company.


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