About us

Our entity Teconológica de Recubrimientos Alimentario S.L began his activity two generations ago, more than fifty years, being his beginning the sale of products of vegetal origin for the coating of the cheese. With the evolution and demands of the market, our company began its transformation thirty years ago with the development of the polymeric material manufacture, coatings for ripened whole cheeses rinds (tender or semi-cured, aged, old). And, today, we are dedicating to the preparation of coatings for industrial food use in the inedible bark of cheese.

Since 2015, we have expanded the business internationally, growing in the Latin American market. Although we have not stopped working in European countries where we are successfully selling our products.

We are a Sevillian company specialized in the antifungal treatment of cheese and meat products, with a team of expert advisors specialized in the dairy and meat sector. Our products provide a high protection against migrations of internal mold, offering a high standard of quality thanks to the raw material recognized worldwide.