At TDRA we work to develop a specific product for each of our customers, in order to fully meet their needs and requirements. We prepare the coating according to the type of product to be treated, the methods and application techniques used, the environmental conditions, as well as the regulations in force in the country of destination.

Our range of coatings offers a high quality standard thanks to the selective use of the best raw materials available in the market. In addition, our products provide high antifungal efficacy, and protection against internal mold migration and weightloss control.

We have the Food Safety System Certification 22000, certification based on the ISO 22000 Standard that specifies the requirements that a management system must meet to ensure the Safety of food. These certifications have been recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We also have the Kosher certification, which is a religious document that attests that a certain Institution and / or Rabinic Authority has supervised the elaboration and components of a specific product that complies with the dietetic - religious laws of the Jewish People.

Range of Products


The main ones to be highlighted, within our extensive range:  


Coating of polyvinyl acetate with and without natamycin.


Weightless control

Specific coatings for the weightless control, with and without antifungal efficacy.


Colour coatings

Colour coatings resistant to high concentrations of moisture and with rapid drying and specific for portions of cheese under vacuum.

For sausages and hams

Coatings of polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol, special for the surface treatment of sausages and hams with different types of support: fine herbs, pepper, oregano, etc ...


Glue for labelling in polyvinyl acetate or in natural version.



Specific detergent for the cleaning of polyvinyl acetate remnants.