Are you fighting the Emerging Pollutants?

The emerging pollutants are linked to a series of products, always more abundant, to chemicals that cause damage to the environment and to human health.

The variety of products and their possible interactions with other substances in the environment make their consequences very different. As scientists are moving forward with more research and analysis on the subject, they discover new effects on us, to which we must find a solution.

To fight this type of products and their causes, the main key is the awareness of citizens for reducing their presence and effects.

Another of the actions to take into consideration is the investment in research and analysis systems to detect them quickly or look for new ways to reduce this problem. But this kind of research is not cheap. In effect, water hygiene systems are verifying that their control will be difficult due to costs. It would require very elevated investments which implies an increase in the price of the water rate.

Likewise, to improve this situation and to eliminate emerging contaminants, legislation should proceed by establishing controls and limits, as is already the case in other sectors, and at the same time producers should adopt methods to reduce, eliminate or replace them.