What is the difference between the Designation of origin and Geographical indication ?

Currently, we are working to ensure that products of different quality have adequate protection.

Some foods originating in the European Union are Bavarian beer, Feta cheese, Manchego cheese, Champagne, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Polish Vodka. A series of agreements are being created by the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission in order to globally protect this type of food.

Me products of differentiated quality have a long history in the European Union. Some denominations have decades of existence. This idea makes us think about the differences between denomination of origin and geographical indication.

Foods with denomination of origin come from a specific place, region or country. Furthermore, its quality is due to a geographical environment, with natural and human factors. And all the production phases take place in a specific geographical area. On the other hand, the geographical indication occurs when the food comes from a specific place and also has a certain quality and a reputation. The difference is that, at least, one of its production steps is performed in the defined area.