What helps food safety?

The concept of food safety has evolved over the years, as recent changes in production systems and globalization have influenced this sector. And new challenges and goals are needed to prevent so-called food risks, which become visible in our health.

But when can we consider our food security correct? The World Food Summit in 1996 considered that true food security is achieved when people have physical and economic access to safe and nutritious food, thus meeting their dietary needs and preferences, in order to lead an active and healthy life.

The World Health Organization wants to prevent the 200 diseases that spread throughout the world through food, affecting millions of people every year. This is due to the fact that the main food safety problems include, first of all, microbiological risks and chemical contaminants.

Therefore, at TDRA one of our main objectives is to protect food, for example from internal mold migration or other external agents, to ensure greater food safety.